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One small step towards energy independence, by Farley Katz.

Dear Uncle Ted,

What’s a safe, fun transportation alternative to my gas-guzzling SUV?

Getting Gas Over Gas, Olathe, KS

GGOG – when it came time for Uncle Ted to give his old Ford Pinto the raft-borne Viking funeral pyre she deserved, practicality and ease of maintenance were top-of-mind when finding her replacement.

The flying dolphin armed with a bowie knife and an AK-47 was an obvious choice.

This one runs on HERRING. Suck on THAT, BP Amaco.

This one runs on plutonium and HERRING. Suck on THAT, BP Amoco.

No trunk space, but the chicks dig it. You can’t roll with the ladies in a PRIUS, people.